Shape a play

This gift is equivalent to providing an hour of expert dramaturgy for an emerging writer.
We'll invite you to an annual gathering with our Associate Dramaturg within a year.

Capture an imagination

This gift is equivalent to subsidising 10 tickets to a Holloway Theatre production for a local school group - often their first ever theatre visit.
We'll invite you to a Schools' Performance within a year.

Build a world

This gift is equivalent to funding the creation of a Set Designer’s model box, making the world of a new play real (and miniature!).
We'll invite you to a model box presentation for a Holloway Theatre production within a year.

Pass the mic

This gift is equivalent to financing the commissioning and production of one short piece in our Protest series - where artists are paid and supported to engage with the world’s issues, and make a difference through igniting conversation.
We'll provide you with a script or print of a Protest commission, exclusive to supporters, within a year.

Inspire a career

This gift is equivalent to endowing the bursary, dramaturgy, space and mentoring for one Bloom Bursary recipient. These Bush Young Company alum are supported to explore their writing and creative potential over a year.
We'll invite you to an evening celebrating the 18-25 Bush Young Company during the run of their next show in the Holloway Theatre.

Plant a seed

This gift is equivalent to making an Allotment possible - giving one writer a week’s space, seed commissioning fee and dramaturgical support to explore an idea, write some initial scenes, or even draft a whole play (Waleed Akhtar wrote a full first draft of The P Word in an Allotment!).
We'll invite you to meet an Allotment writer and hear about the idea explored.

Stage a sharing

This gift is equivalent to developing a writer’s new play through a week’s R&D with a director and actors, culminating in a sharing.
We'll invite you to an exclusive annual discussion of the stories explored, creatives supported, and Bush productions discovered through R&D that year.

Stage a show

This gift is equivalent to transforming a play into a show - the set, costumes, props, lighting and sound budget for a production in the Holloway Theatre.
We'll invite you to a tech session on a Bush production and the corresponding Press Night performance and party.

Make a production possible

This gift is equivalent to commissioning a new play, supporting it through development at R&D, and injecting vital funds into the production capitalisation.
We'll invite you to a rehearsal room visit, model box presentation, lunch with the cast and key creatives, First and Closing Night drinks, and Press Night. We will also offer a piece of set or costume from your chosen show, or an exclusive print of production photography.

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